Monday, December 7, 2009

Virgin River

Virgin River
by Robyn Carr

As Book 1 in the Virgin River series, this book starts you off running and leaves you no time to catch up. It sucks you in and begs you to keep reading as you want to learn more about this small town and the people in it.

Melinda is the heroine of this novel and she's desperate to heal after her husband is killed in a gang-related shooting. She accepts a job as the nurse midwife in a rural town in Northern California and attempts to start over and continuing practicing the craft she loves. She runs into Jack, who owns the local bar and grill, and sparks flicker between them. Mel is still in love with her husband and grieving, and Jack is the gentleman and gives her space. Mel finds the cabin she's supposed to rent is a complete wreck and she decides she's leaving. She finds an abandoned baby on the front porch of the doctor's office and she decides to stay to help the baby and to wait for social services.

This book is about a woman finding that she can live again and also that she can love. She finds her home in this one-horse town and finds the love she didn't know she was missing. You meet a cast of characters in this book that set up the future ones and the author draws you in and makes you excited to find out what the next book will hold.

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